Karl Sims

Karl Sims (b.1992) is an artist, writer and software developer experienced across numerous technologies and disciplines.

Core technical competencies include software development, graphic design, photography, UI/UX design, print making and digital based research.

Due to receive a master’s degree (MA) in New Media from The University of Leeds (2018), specialisms combine academic and practical approaches to digital technology. My dissertation examined normative implications of differing network forms within western liberal democracies. Other research interests include digital cultures, innovations in political communication and the juncture between epistemology and technology.

I am currently available for freelance for web development, research and creative projects –open for suggestions.

Dependent on situation, I would be interested in volunteering services for small charities and not for profit organisations to assist with digital strategies – e.g. building/maintenance of websites, integrating social media, etc.

For code examples, see my GitHub.

You can contact me via email