Karl Sims

The iPhone Residency


The iPhone Residency was an experimental curational project looking at contemporary modes of living in relation to technology and its possible implications. Using a designated device as the location of an artistic residency, it will provide a platform for several artists to each individually create and exhibit a body of work.

The site and projecct is no longer maintained.

Residents’ Past Projects:

Will Kendrick — I’ll See You In Another Life Brother

(With Support from Trevor H. Smith & music from KINLAW)

Work explores the relationship that the artist has to the landscape and what natural landscape is in the face of virtual realities. Parallels between the coded natural world and that of the coded digital one will be a focus of this body of research and how this relates to human experience in a collective sense. The project’s ultimate aim is to establish a meld between fiction and reality, proposing a dreamstate moving freely between all platforms, worlds and mediums. Taking both cinematic and documentational footage from many of our planet’s coastal resorts and locations, Kendrick aims to produce a work which explores our attachments and expectations of location through our perception of truth in parallel to our ongoing obsession with literary, filmic, and digital platforms through which we now choose to tell each other stories and escape.

Full exhibition documentation

Thanks go to Serf for their collaboration and support.

Artist’s website: willkendrick.co.uk

Luke Narin — I speak to people but it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.

Using the iPhone’s external and internal components to access, record and edit information, the project explored censorship and authoritarian controls.

Full exhibition documentation.

Thanks go to Muesli for their collaboration and support.

Artist’s website: lukenairn.co.uk